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... We created a group of experts to draw up a definition of the concept of social innovation and to reward the 10 best projects in Europe and the city of Bologna is still among the first cities with Vitaever® project. ”

Antonio Tajani

/Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship

... Vitaever® directs and makes accomplished the reorganization of the cooperative, according to criteria of effectiveness as it offers tools that promote efficiency and profitability with a radically innovative approach. ”

Rosalia Brandi

Presidente Cooperativa La Spiga Onlus

After spending an initial diffidence, but with the curiosity to discover new to stimulate my professional career, I have to admit that Vitaever® is an indispensable tool for me in my medical activities. ”

Maurizio Mineo, Italo Malavasi

Doctors responsible ANT Foundation Italy

The added value of our service is represented by the results obtained by our customers!

La Spiga Cooperative
  • 5% of Assisted individuals more with the same Operators;
  • 7-9 days saving time on reporting;
  • Improving service quality.

Greater efficiency of the organizational process and reporting.
ANT Foundation Italy
  • 700.000 pages savings obtained by digitization;
  • 40.000 phone calls in less between operators;
  • 80.000 € saved in staff dedicated to data entry.

Direct savings of 45,000 € per year, lower environmental impact and improving the quality of working life of the Operators.
  • Simplification of the administrative process and optimize the coordination of services;
  • Reducing the use of paper and phone calls;
  • 33.420 paid activities.

Approach evolution: from reporting, to monitor the process in real time.


Assistenza Domiciliare Vitaever
Assistenza Domiciliare Vitaever

Assistenza Domiciliare Vitaever

Assistenza Domiciliare Vitaever