Product - Vitaever

It is an innovative Cloud technology, that is the combination of software and hardware, flexible and reliable, payable as a service based on consumption, and that allows to manage domiciliary and territorial services in a simple and intuitive.

As a result of intensive research, Vitaever was developed in collaboration with the Fondazione ANT which represents the largest domiciliary oncological hospital in Europe with more than 4,000 Patients every day assisted by a staff of 350 professionals including doctors, psychologists, nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists and technical staff.

Distributed as a service, SaaS (Software As a Service), Vitaever helps structure to organize every day activity, facilitates communication and information exchange between operators and optimizes their movements around the territory. Moreover, thanks to reports and dashboards, Vitaever promptly reports to organization all the activities and resources used.

Why Vitaever?
It's designed to satisfy two requirements:
  • Provide a simple and powerful tool for effectively manage service processes around the territory and, therefore, get a control and a significant reduction management costs;
  • Bring the health and social services to citizens, facilitating communication and interaction between all the professional figures involved in a context of integrated home care, since taking charge up to the accounting.

It is a simple and intuitive technology, accessible through a common Internet browser, even from mobile devices, with which you can manage the master data of the assisted patients and operators, organize agendas and the movement of those who carry out activities on the territory, share information between all the actors of the care process, keep track of equipment, drugs and principals provided at home and report promptly the services performed.

Moreover, Vitaever allows people assisted to access their data and share it with your primary care doctor or other professionals.

Vitaever is much more and can be customized by the customer in order to meet the needs of the various territorial or domiciliary contexts and guarantee the necessary flexibility in the management of specific activities.

Application areas

Vitaever is designed for organizations or structures that perform domiciliary or local activities, such as those providing social care services at home, educational services, medical services and childcare services

It can be a support in the activities of individual professionals, consortia and cooperatives, associations, pharmacies with home care services and large facilities (hospitals, clinics and Local Health Services).

The cost is proportional to the size of the structure, combined with the flexibility of Cloud technology, gives organizations of all sizes the opportunity to take advantage of our technology in order to improve the quality and efficiency of their services provided.

Vitaever is already used in various contexts, including:
  • Home care services
  • Social services
  • Palliative care
  • Therapies distribution
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Educational services
  • House and land assets of every kind

Vitaever also is aimed at municipal territorial organizations, consortiums of cooperatives and franchise companies because it helps to coordinate and account the activities of individuals, through intuitive billing systems, definition of performance and welfare plans, storage reports made. It represents a uniform technology for consultation, sharing and communication within the consociate and also allows data management through import and export capabilities compatible with most popular programs.

It provides an overview of the quantitative data and the performance of each individual, and punctually reports the activities performed, the resources used and the related costs.


In general, there are no widely accepted technologies for managing territorial services for the person but few software tailored on the specific needs of the client, with high licensing costs, low maintenance and expandability.

Vitaever leverages the technical and economic potential of Cloud technology generating big savings: no installation costs, updating and maintenance of software and hardware. The payment, in fact, is proportional to the size of the structure and, thus, according to the number of the assisted individuals, the number of Appointments carried out and the number of Operators involved.

This allows organizations of all sizes to acquire a professional and fully functional software for an efficient daily management of activities.

Moreover, Vitaever is not just a useful tool for organizations, but also for the individual who has witnessed the same access to the system and can share personal data with other specialists involved in the care process.

Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Bologna, Vitaever allows encryption of all sensitive data using private keys at individual level license. This guarantees the confidentiality of data even against third party suppliers and makes Vitaever also safe for healthcare applications.

Itmeets the standards of safety, protection and confidentiality of data, by using of secure protocols and encrypted individual passwords.

Only authorized persons are allowed to view and edit your personal and confidential data. This guarantees a correct processing of data for privacy. Also, it's possible to customize access permissions to each module in the system, ensuring maximum flexibility in defining access to the resources. The services provided also allow backup schedules that ensure security and constant data availability.



Assistenza Domiciliare Vitaever
Assistenza Domiciliare Vitaever

Assistenza Domiciliare Vitaever

Assistenza Domiciliare Vitaever